Final Paper Submission

Final Paper

Please submit the files including your camera-ready paper and copyright form using your EasyChair author account. Follow the instructions after the login for uploading two files: (a) either a zipped file containing all your LaTeX sources or a Word file in the RTF format, and (b) PDF version of your camera-ready paper. The page limit is strict. Please follow strictly the author instructions of Springer-Verlag when preparing the final version. Springer required this conference to list the email address of all authors. Please make sure to list the email boxs of all authors to avoid future revision and delay.

We encourage the inclusion of ORCIDs in the publication. For more information see here.

Our publisher has recently introduced an extra control loop: once data processing is finished, they will contact all corresponding authors and ask them to check their papers. We expect this to happen shortly before the printing of the proceedings. At that time your quick interaction with Springer-Verlag will be greatly appreciated.

Copyright Form

Please upload a signed and completed copyright form to us as soon as possible. The Springer copyright forms can be found at HERE.

It is essential that all copyright forms are present and correct, so please check these before sending the files. The title of the book or, for proceedings, the conference name should be entered in the top line of the copyright form, and NOT the volume number(s). The corresponding author must sign the form on behalf of all of the authors of a particular paper, having gained their permission to do so. He or she signs for and accepts responsibility for releasing the material on behalf of any and all co-authors. The corresponding author must be available to check the paper before it is published. Please note that once a paper has been delivered to Springer, changes relating to the authorship of the paper cannot be made. Authors' names cannot be added or deleted, their order cannot be changed, and the corresponding author cannot be altered.

Volume Editor: Gerard Memmi,Baijian Yang, Linghe Kong,Tianwei Zhang, Meikang Qiu.

It is sufficient for one of the authors to sign the copyright form. You can scan the form into PDF or any other standard image format. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in these matters. Thank you again for your contribution to KSEM 2022.


All accepted regular paper/special track papers will be published in KSEM 2022 proceedings. High quality accepted papers are possible to be recommended to related special issues of prestigious international journals.

  • Each accepted paper requires at least one Full registration as an author, before the camera-ready manuscript can be included in the proceedings.
  • Once you submit a paper, including regular paper and special track paper, that implies that at least one author will register and (virtual) attend the conference, and (virtual) present the paper.
  • Please submit your PDF final version to Easychair. The copyright and other final documents submission link will open soon.
  • Please upload the camera-ready paper, incluidng source file and PDF file, and the Copyright form before June 1, 2022. (STRICT DEADLINE). If you register before June 1, 2022 but do not submit camera-ready paper before June 1, 2022, you still need to pay $200 make up fee. The purpose for this rule is to make sure the conference proceedings can be finished on time.
  • There is NO student rate for the author who is responsible for registration for his/her published paper. If you have more than one accepted paper, you have to register for each one individually. There is no discount if you have two or more papers accepted. It is encouraged to have your co-authors to register and attend the conferences as attendees. However, one registration fee only covers one person. One registration can attend all conferences, workshops, and summit.

Registration Rate:

The registration fee can be found after registration at online registration.

Extra Page fee:
  • For regular paper: each extra page in excess of 12 pages costs 150 USD, and the max length of regular paper is 16 pages .
  • For special track paper: each extra page in excess of 10 pages costs 150 USD, and the max length of special track paper is 13 pages .
Late fee:
- The registration will be cut off by June 1, 2022. Any registration later than June 1, 2022 will be charged $200 late fee.

Cancellations and Substitutions

Cancellations and substitutions are allowed. However, full registration fees will be charged unless a cancellation notice is sent in writing, and received or faxed on or before June 1, 2022 to the registration chair. All the registrations for published papers in the Proceedings cannot be cancelled.

A 200 USD handling fee will be applied to all cancelled registrations before June 1st. Fees cannot be refunded for registrations cancelled after the deadline (June 1, 2022). No-shows will be billed.

Click here for online registration

Registration Payment

Information about PayPal Payment for International Registrants

As an eBay Company, PayPal provides the most popular online payment system. PayPal may charge extra transaction fee. There is no need to have a PayPal account to transfer the registration fee. You can just send the registration fee to via PayPal, and you can finish the transfer easily. Here are the details about the fees for PayPal accounts. It's free within the U.S. to send money to family and friends when you use only your PayPal balance or bank account, or a combination of their PayPal balance and bank account. There is a fee when you send a payment in another country outside the U.S. Please note that exchange rate fees also apply if there is a currency conversion. The rate for the transaction is 6%. For example, an early bird registration of a regular paper author via Paypal and he should pay a wire transfer with the amount of $689, because 650 * 1.06 = 689. Please be noted that all the transaction fees are collected by PayPal rather than us.

Information about Direct Deposit for US Registrants

For the registrants who are in USA with a USA checking account, we recommend you the direct deposit payment option. This payment option does not need a transaction fee.
The register who selects this payment option needs go to a local Bank of America branch and deposit cash/check to our conference account.
The account information is on the second page of the Online Registration System.

Information about Wire Payment for International Registrants

Wire transfer is the most direct and easiest way to pay the registration fee. We recommend you pay the registration fee via this method. Difference bank may charge various transfer fee. Please check the wire transfer fee of your own bank account, and add the extra transfer fee into your original registration fee. Furthermore, please be noted that an extra $15.00 will be charged to the receiver side, thus please add $15 to your wire transfer to guarantee we will receive the exact value of your registration fee.
For example, Bob registered as an author via ABC Bank. The wire transfer fee from ABC Bank to our account is 50 USD.
As a result, he should pay a wire transfer with the amount of $715, because 715 -50 - 15 = 650.







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