Award Announcement of KSEM 2022

In KSEM 2022, we issue three best paper awards and three best student paper awards as follows.

Best Paper Award:

MCSN: Multi-graph Collaborative Semantic Network for Chinese NER, Y. Zhang, W. Gu, W. Ma, and Y. Jiang

MSSA-FL: High-Performance Multi-Stage Semi-Asynchronous Federated Learning with Non-IID Data, X. Wei, M. Hou, C. Ren, X. Li, and H. Yue

PUF-based Intellectual Property Protection for CNN Model, D. Li, Y. Ren, D. Liu, Z. Guan, Q. Zhang, Y. Wang, and J. Liu

Best Student Paper Award:

A Multi-level Attention-based LSTM Network for Ultra-short-term Solar Power Forecast using Meteorological Knowledge, T. Yao, J. Wang, H. Cao, F. Liu, X. Wang, Y. Wang, and X. Chi

Classification of Heads in Multi-head Attention Mechanisms, F. Huang, M. Jiang, F. Liu, D. Xu, Z. Fan, and Y. Wang

Energy-Based Learning for Preventing Backdoor Attack, X. Gao and M. Qiu

The KSEM 2022 organizing committee also gives appreciation to Prof. Baijian Yang, Prof. Linghe Kong and Prof. Gerard Memmi in recognition for the service and contribution as the program chairs.







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